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Last Call for Concrete Septic Tanks!

Last Call for Concrete Septic Tanks!

It is the last call for concrete septic tanks! Winter is coming and that means that the ground in Williams Lake and surrounding area will be frozen soon. If you’re in need of a new septic tank or need to do repairs or maintenance on your septic system, we highly recommend you do it as soon as possible. When the ground freezes it makes it very difficult to access your septic tank and septic system. If you are in the market for a new septic tank, you will want to get it purchased and installed soon.

Our team at Grosso Precast recommends that you purchase a precast concrete septic tank over plastic or any other material. This is based on a number of reasons, but there is one in particular that pertains to the winter and cold weather. Concrete septic tanks can hold heat longer than plastic or other materials used for septic tanks. Maintaining heat efficiently increases the growth of bacteria, helping breakdown the influent entering the tank. This provides cleaner effluent leaving the tank and entering your field, resulting in a healthier system overall.

Some other benefits of a precast concrete septic tank over plastic or other materials include:

  • Concrete septic tanks have dimensional stability which means capacity doesn’t get reduced over time
  • They outperform plastic significantly by reducing install and backfilling costs
  • Concrete septic tanks will not lose shape when cleaned out
  • They are environmentally friendly products
  • They can be built much larger

When you are shopping for a new septic tank, please remember that concrete septic tanks require professional installation due to their size and weight. These tanks are made of the heaviest and strongest materials available. At Grosso Precast, we have the proper cranes, rigging, and personnel for these heavy, technical and often dangerous concrete septic tank installations.

If you are in the market for a new septic tank and would like more information on the precast concrete septic tanks we provide, please contact Grosso Precast and we would be happy to help!


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