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Introducing our Precast Concrete Root Cellar

Grosso Precast is launching our new precast concrete root cellar. Fast, efficient, durable; with 269 cu ft of total storage space. Our root cellar comes with two compartments, floor drains, and venting to help control humidity and temperatures. All you need to do is dig a hole as per our drawing dimensions and we will…

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First Defense® High Capacity Stormwater Separator System

As the world becomes more aware of the full impact of climate change, the Provincial and Federal governments continue to regulate environmental concerns in every industry, including construction. The liability that a construction project takes on from transforming previous water absorbing surfaces (i.e. soils, vegetation, low-lying areas) into impervious surfaces (i.e. concrete, asphalt, buildings) is…

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Last Call for Concrete Septic Tanks!

It is the last call for concrete septic tanks! Winter is coming and that means that the ground in Williams Lake and surrounding area will be frozen soon. If you’re in need of a new septic tank or need to do repairs or maintenance on your septic system, we highly recommend you do it as…

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L-Panel Retaining Walls

L-Panel Retaining Walls L-Panel retaining wall systems are specially designed to resist soil pressures and stand up to weather changes that are inherent to the Canadian climate. L-Panels are often used in lieu of conventional block retaining walls. The L-shape design has two parts: the vertical section called the face, and the horizontal section at…

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Lynx Creek Detour Project

Grosso Precast is currently working on the Lynx Creek Detour section of the Highway 29 realignment project. Highway 29 winds along the north side of the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia, connecting the community of Hudson’s Hope with the Alaska Highway and Fort St. John. The alignment is needed in preparation for the completion…