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Why Concrete Septic Tanks Are Your Best Option

Why Concrete Septic Tanks Are Your Best Option

If you happen to be in the market for a new septic system, or simply looking to replace an old septic tank, there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration and there are a lot of different septic system options available for your home, including concrete septic tanks. The three most popular types of septic tanks readily available for installation are:

  • Concrete septic tanks
  • Fiberglass septic tanks
  • Plastic/Polyethylene septic tanks

Concrete septic tanks are currently the most popular type of septic tank on the market. The concrete septic tank’s popularity is due to its strength and durability. If constructed properly, concrete septic tanks have a lower likelihood of breaking, cracking, or floating. If a quality built concrete septic tank is consistently and properly maintained, it can last a lifetime. The long-term performance of the concrete septic tank will depend on how it was manufactured. High quality concrete, proper water sealing, and the addition of reinforcement products like mesh, fiber, and rebar will add support, strength, and structural integrity.

Concrete Septic Tanks vs. Plastic Septic Tanks

  • Concrete septic tanks outperform plastic significantly by reducing install and backfilling costs
  • Concrete septic tanks are much stronger and will not lose shape over time or when cleaned out
  • Concrete septic tanks are environmentally friendly products
  • Concrete septic tanks can be built much larger
  • Concrete septic tanks can hold heat longer which increases the growth of bacteria helping breakdown the influent entering the tank. This provides cleaner effluent leaving the tank and entering your field, resulting in a healthier system overall.

Septic Tank Sizes & Septic Tank Installation

There are many different charts and recommendations for septic tank sizes by waste flow, home size, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc. If you are planning to install a new septic tank or septic system, please be sure to consult an expert like Grosso Precast prior to purchasing or installing any equipment. We will be able to tell you what size tank you need to handle your home’s requirements.

Also, please remember that concrete septic tanks require professional installation due to their size and weight. These tanks are made of the heaviest and strongest materials available. At Grosso Precast, we have the proper cranes, rigging, and personnel for these heavy, technical and often dangerous concrete septic tank installations.

Grosso Precast’s Commitment to Quality

Grosso Precast is a member of The Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI). The CPCI is the prime source of technical information about precast prestressed concrete in Canada. CPCI Members supply architectural and structural precast concrete elements fabricated and certified in accordance with CSA Standard A23.4 “Precast Concrete Materials and Construction”. A certified precast concrete plant demonstrates that it has the facilities, the personnel and the procedures necessary to produce safe, quality products.

Grosso Precast  has also applied for the Canadian Precast Concrete Quality Assurance (CPCQA) Certification Program. The purpose of the CPCQA is to protect and advance the best interests of (a) the concrete pipe and precast concrete products industry in Canada; and (b) the structural precast/prestressed concrete industry, the architectural precast concrete industry and the specialty precast concrete industry in Canada. Its purpose is to protect and serve the public from a safety perspective, by certifying manufacturers who demonstrate the ability to meet national standards and other best practices.