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Lynx Creek Detour Project

Lynx Creek Detour Project

Grosso Precast is currently working on the Lynx Creek Detour section of the Highway 29 realignment project. Highway 29 winds along the north side of the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia, connecting the community of Hudson’s Hope with the Alaska Highway and Fort St. John. The alignment is needed in preparation for the completion of the Site C Dam project. When the Site C Dam reservoir begins filling in September 2023, it will widen the Peace River by two-to-three times, covering parts of the current highway.

As a result, BC Hydro is partnering with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to realign segments of Highway 29. Construction started in 2018 and will continue until mid-2023. As the longest segment of highway to be realigned, it will take four years to construct the Lynx Creek segment. These eight kilometres of highway include a new bridge, causeway, and embankment.

Grosso Precast is working with Thomson Bros. Construction who is the lead contractor on the Lynx Creek section. We are installing precast concrete barriers for detour traffic so that Thomson Bros. Construction can continue to work safely and efficiently on the highway realignment.

Over a 7 day period we will be installing over 1000 precast concrete barriers including the following varieties: CRB E, CRB H, CTB 1, CBN H, CRB E Scuppers and CRB H Scuppers. In total, it will take 32 Super-B trailer loads to transport all of the precast concrete barriers and our crane truck will be responsible for laying the barrier. Grosso Precast will be back on-site at Lynx Creek next year to complete the final installation of the new section of highway.

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